Essentials About Edibles That You Need to Know

byhellomd2 minutes

For many people who use medical marijuana, edibles can be a great way to relieve pain, appetite loss or nausea. Yet determining how to properly use edibles can be difficult for new users. Edibles are potent and take time to start working, which can easily lead to an incorrect over dosage of cannabis. Fortunately, consuming edibles correctly is possible when the following tips are considered.

Understand Potency

When consuming cannabis in food, the body metabolizes it over a period of time, resulting in a stronger effect than smoking. Additionally, the cannabis used in edibles is often stronger. This means that a single brownie or cookie with cannabis in it can potentially equal two or more doses of medical marijuana in other forms.

To further complicate matters, most people don't know the proper dose of edibles for their body, so some experimentation is needed. The easiest method is to ingest a small amount of an edible after a meal, and then wait up to two hours before eating more. Symptoms that someone has over-ingested cannabis can include a fast heart rate, red eyes, dry mouth, labored breathing, anxiety, or paranoia.

Know How Long To Wait

Eating marijuana is a different experience than smoking or vaporizing the product. Smoking is a much faster way to feel the effects of the cannabis, making it easier to control the dosage. When a person eats cannabis, it can be hard to tell when he or she has reached the correct dosage, because the effects take longer to appear.

The reason for the delayed reaction is the time it takes the liver to process the cannabis within the edible. This means that someone with a fast metabolism will feel the effects sooner than someone with a slow metabolism. For those in the latter category, it can take two or more hours to feel the effects, while those with a fast metabolism might only need one hour to notice the presence of the medication. To be safe, a patient should wait at least two hours before adjusting dosage.

Read Labels Carefully

Edibles are not yet subject to FDA rules, as marijuana is still federally illegal. Therefore, labels on cannabis products are not consistent. In fact, a study by Johns Hopkins showed that 75% of edibles were mislabeled regarding the amount of THC in them. It's up to the people ingesting edibles to carefully read the label of each product to find out the correct dosage, as potency can vary widely, and a single cookie may contain multiple doses. Of course, not all companies that sell edibles use labels, so it helps to specifically look for the ones that do to avoid an incorrect dosage and still consume less of the product rather than more.

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