Foria Explore: for Anal Sex

Foria is a marijuana company that is constantly pushing the boundaries and its new product is entering a completely new territory. Foria Explore is a cannabis suppository designed to enhance anal intercourse that was made with the LGBT community in mind. The suppository is made with only four ingredients, two of which are cannabis products and the other two being jojoba extract and sunflower lectin. Each suppository contains 60 mg THC and 10 mg CBD. When administered, the product releases the active compounds throughout the pelvis and anal region.

Better Anal Sex

The product relaxes muscles and eases pain, allowing for easier and more enjoyable anal intercourse. Foria reported benefits from users including: “heightened pleasure”, “deeper penetration”, “pelvic relaxation”, and “diminished discomfort”. The suppository application of the product allows for the calming and relaxing effects of the cannabis without the high.

The product was first released on June 9th at SPARC, a non-profit medical cannabis collective in San Fransisco, which will be the exclusive dispensary of the product in until June 26th. SPARC will also host Foria’s Explore Pride celebration on the 23rd of June, in the midst of San Fransisco’s Pride celebrations. Foria is looking to make a name for itself in the LGBT community, where there is a lot of interest in products that ease anal intercourse related pain.

A Better Alternative to Poppers

“Poppers”, a compound of alkyl nitrates, are commonly taken to relax anal muscles to make anal penetration easier. “Poppers” can be found in many forms, but they are most commonly inhaled. Though “poppers” can help ease the process of anal intercourse, they also come with a long list of side effects including dizziness, detachment, disinhibition, fainting, and death in high doses. The common use of a product like “poppers” shows the importance of sexual health awareness. Foria is filling an important niche and providing a natural alternative for a whole community.

Foria Relief

This is not the first time Foria has filled an underserved niche. Foria Relief, which contains the same levels of THC and CBD as Foria Explore, was designed to ease women’s period pain. Similarly to Explore, Relief promotes muscle relaxation and pain relief without any physco-active properties. Relief, however, is designed to be vaginally inserted. Foria Relief is made with only three ingredients: organic cocoa butter, CO2 distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate. Lisa Rough of Leafly described an extreme level of relief and relaxation from Foria Relief, though she did also simultaneously consume an edible marijuana product. Rough highly recommends Foria Relief for anyone who is suffering from debilitating cramps or pain related to their period.

Foria products are available in both California and Colorado and it stands out as a company that is looking to go where other marijuana companies have not gone before. Foria’s first product was a cannabis oil, mixed with coconut oil, aimed at increasing sexual pleasure for women. They have continued their production into other products like Explore and Relief, which are both related to sexual health. Foria is focused on simple and high quality ingredients and is emphasizing the importance of the health and wellbeing of their clientele in all aspects of their life.

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