Gift Guide: 7 Products for Those New to Hemp CBD

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a few folks in your life? Well, lucky for you, cannabidiol—better known as CBD—is having a moment. This means now’s a good time to gift this trendy and healthy ingredient to friends and family this holiday season.

CBD is getting a lot of attention because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest CBD may help alleviate many types of pain.

In addition, people have found that CBD can help manage stress and anxiety—issues most of us encounter regularly. That’s why CBD can be a great gift for just about anyone; it can help us feel good—and who doesn’t want that?


To the uninitiated, the world of CBD products can be daunting: How to take it? And how much to take? Is the product really what it says it is? Well, never fear. We’re here to help. HelloMD now sells CBD products nationwide, and we vet every brand on our site for product potency and safety.

We’ve put together a list of some user-friendly, hemp CBD products that are a good fit for anyone who wants to figure out if CBD is right for them.

1. Get Wildflower’s CBD+ Wellness Tincture for the Health Enthusiast in Your Life

Wildflower boasts some of the prettiest packaging in the business. And its CBD+ Wellness Tincture is no exception. But this product isn’t all looks—it’s also packing 500 mg of CBD per bottle. This may sound like a lot to a newbie, but it just means that you have the freedom to explore your own dosage without fear of running out too soon.

While each dropperful contains 16.5 mg of CBD, Wildflower recommends that newbies start out with just two drops to see how they feel. Get this tincture for the wellness devotee who’s serious about incorporating CBD into their daily routine.

As a bonus, this tincture has a tropical fruit flavor that makes it easy to keep under your tongue for maximum—and fast-acting—absorption.

2. Select’s Relax Vape Pen Is Great for Folks Who Need to De-Stress

Disposable vape pens are great for newbies: They don’t need to be charged, require little upkeep, and you can toss or recycle them once you’ve used up all of the oil. Select’s Relax CBD Vape Pen clocks in at a great price of $35, and it’s infused with lavender oil to complement CBD’s relaxing properties.

Each puff of this pen contains 2.5–5 mg of CBD, so newbies can microdose until they find their sweet spot. Get it for the person in your life who could use a little help managing their stress.


3. Elixinol’s Hemp CBD Capsules Are Great for Athletes

Elixinol’s CBD Hemp Oil Capsules deliver CBD in a familiar package. These capsules are fast-acting, easy to swallow and contain 15 mg of CBD apiece—a good starter dose for those who’ve had minimal contact with CBD. Give these to the athlete in your life; they’ll appreciate the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, and it’ll be a nice addition to their supplement cabinet.

4. Gift Vertè Essentials’ Elevate Vital Oil to Someone Who’s Really Into Skin Care

People often turn to CBD to manage pain, reduce nausea or ease anxiety. But CBD is also becoming a popular addition to skin care products. This makes sense, considering that its anti-inflammatory properties may help soothe skin that’s prone to irritation and dryness.

If you know someone who’s a skin care fanatic, try giving them Vertè Essentials’ Elevate Vital Oil. This serum contains 150 mg of CBD along with chai herb and flower extracts. It was designed to purify, protect and invigorate skin.

Plus, this serum is edible. So if your gift recipient is curious about ingesting CBD, they can try adding a bit to their morning tea as well.

5. Siva’s Hemp Patch Can Help Fight Pain

Transdermal patches are ideal for those who are interested in using CBD for pain relief. Siva’s patches contain 20 mg of CBD apiece. Once attached, these patches consistently deliver CBD to your system for hours of relief.

The best thing about transdermal patches is that you never have to worry about your next dose. They’re discreet, and you can use them anywhere.

6. Vertly’s Relief Lotion Has All-Around Appeal

Topicals are the gateway CBD product. You don’t have to worry about ingesting anything, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll overdo it. Vertly’s Relief Lotion is a versatile gift: If someone wants to use CBD topicals for pain, the 150 mg of CBD in this lotion should do the trick.

But if they’re simply looking for a rich, hydrating lotion, there’s also shea butter and herbs like arnica that’ll help keep skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.


7. Give Basic Jane’s Essential Oil Trio to Folks Interested in Holistic Healing

Just like CBD, essential oils of every variety are coming into the spotlight. If you know an essential oil fanatic, it’s likely they’ve already heard of CBD. But have they ever tried both essential oils and CBD at the same time?

Enter Basic Jane’s Essential Oil Trio, which you can massage generously onto the skin. Each oil blend in this trio was created with a certain effect in mind: Awake, Relax and Revive—and then CBD was added to the mix for a bit of pain relief.

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