How Medical Marijuana Tinctures Helped Melt Away My Anxiety and Stress

It is common knowledge that the United States is recognized as the wealthiest country in the world, but the other title the United States holds is the most anxious. The World Health Organization has ranked the US as having the highest percentage of our population with anxiety disorders by a wide margin. One third of US citizens have suffered an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, which is the highest percentage of all psychiatric disturbances in the US. Anxiety disorders cover a wide range of mental conditions including: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a wide range of panic disorders or phobias. There is some countrywide discussion about the prevalence of certain anxiety disorders, but many people with anxiety disorders follow normal daily lives, which can become overwhelmingly hard at times.

Though anxiety rates in the US have doubled in the last 20 years, they have been raising steadily in the past 70 years as a whole, in times of good and bad economic and political fortune. The rapid changing world has been named one of the leading causes of anxiety increase in Americans young and old. As of 2009, 117 million adults experience anxiety symptoms and 40 million take pharmaceuticals to help ease or cure their anxiety issues. Drugs like Xanax are widely used by people to manage stress and anxiety. Yet, they are known to have their consumers zoned out and living life in zombie like shells. Increased anxiety in the United States has lead to a countrywide reliance on prescription medication. Unfortunately, anxiety drugs can be harsh and have numerous unwanted side effects. I, like many Americans, have suffered periods of deep anxiety and stress. Not wanting to rely on Big Pharma, I began to search for a natural alternative to relieve my anxiety. I looked into medical marijuana and found a key to helping alleviate my anxiety symptoms. Cannabidol, otherwise known as CBD, which is found in marijuana, has been found to greatly decrease anxiety.

Anxiety issues are one of the primary reasons people look to medical marijuana, and the results have been extremely positive for people who explore this avenue. Both THC and CBD are the primary cannabinoids within the marijuana plant but their effects on people could not be more different. Unlike THC, CBD has no physco-active properties. CBD is becoming widely known for its medicinal properties and the ability to provide relief without the ‘stoned’ feeling THC promotes.

Marijuana products grown for their CBD levels have provided great strides for people suffering from anxiety. Cerebral blood flow levels after the consumption of CBD in people point to its anti-anxiety affected on the brain. One study even suggests that the use of CBD leads to neurogenesis within the brain, which means it can create new neurons. Compared to a placebo group, CBD also greatly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in patients. My personal opinion is that medical marijuana use for anxiety is far favorable to traditional pharmaceuticals because of its quick efficiency and lack of severe side affects or withdrawal symptoms.

I am practically THC intolerant, so smoking marijuana with high percentage of THC is out of the question. As I began to look for a CBD product that would help give relief during times of stress, I discovered sublingual products such as a tinctures, which are increasingly popular.

As a mom of three kids who also works a full time job, life is good but it can also be overwhelming. In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, I wanted to find a medical solution that could address both stress and anxiety. Ideally, the solution would be more natural than a pharmaceutical drug and would not leave me feeling strung out and unlike myself. After some initial research into medical cannabis alternatives, I settled on sublingual tinctures as a possible solution to my problem. A sublingual tincture is a liquid extract made from the whole marijuana plant that is taken orally and most often held under the tongue for easiest absorption into the body.

Choosing the correct product was important to me because I did not want psycho-activity or drowsiness, but I did want anxiety and stress relieving qualities. Though marijuana overall has shown itself to be successful in easing stress and anxiety for many people, there are certain variables to be aware of. Different strains and delivery methods, coupled with your own unique body chemistry, can cause different affects in different people. Knowing that I am very sensitive to the effects of THC, I knew I needed to be cautious with the balance between CBD and THC. Finding the right product that properly eases anxiety required striking a delicate balance.

Alta California Tinctures

One of the first products I tried to ease my anxiety was Alta California’s Tincture. Alta’s products provided some nice relief by taking the edge off of my anxiety. I initially tried the Anxiety Relief Tincture. The tincture was very mellow and I felt like it overall had a very positive effect. The San Francisco dispensary I visited also recommended Alta’s Spasm Relief Tincture. To my surprise the Spasm Relief Tincture really did work for a muscle spasm I had at the time. A word of caution however, the Spasm Tincture is best to use in the evenings as it makes you feel looser and a little sleepy.

Herba Buena Tinctures

The next product to hit my radar is called Rock & Roll by Herba Buena. Herba Buena is a brand new California Medical Cannabis Collective that offers a health-centric approach through artisanal, organic cannabis products. Founded by one Silicon Valley professional and one Napa Valley wine professional, Herba Buena strives to offer a more refined cannabis experience through a social club atmosphere. They also employ a team of herbalists, organic farmers, doctors, and holistic health practitioners to create naturally grown products free of any chemicals or solvents.

I recently got a chance to chat to the Alicia Rose, a co founder of Herba Buena, who described the Rock & Roll tincture (or what they call elixirs) as “providing a sense of overall well-being and a connected, functional, and present high — which makes it particularly good for anxiety and stress.”.

The Rock & Roll tincture, has been nicknamed ‘Mommy’s little helper’ and the magical elixir did not disappoint. Rock & Roll provided both an uplifting and mellowing effect within 5 minutes. It only required 3–5 drops of the yummy tasting tincture to help me dissolve tension and feel more refreshed. The product made me feel lighter, happier and neither tired or worn out. As a side note, I also used it a few days later when I had a bit of a headache, and it also helped alleviate the ‘tension band’ I felt surrounding my head.

I was pleased with my experimentation with both Alta California’s products as well as the Rock & Roll by Herba Buena. In particular, the Rock & Roll tincture felt to be a natural and easy alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals, and ultimately provided me with more relief and zero side effects. As one of the many Americans who suffer from anxiety issues regularly, I have seen the positives of medical marijuana through personal use. If you are like me, and are searching for a new way to relieve your anxiety in a natural way, then medical marijuana tinctures are definitely worth the exploration.


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