How to Dab Cannabis Extracts

Mainstream culture is filled with new ways to enjoy cannabis. It may be patches, topicals, tinctures, or cannabis beverages, but dabbing is one of the most popular and potent marijuana consumption methods.

Dabbing or “taking a dab” involves flash vaporizing cannabis extracts over high heat and inhaling the vapor. A dab rig is used to do this.

Let’s break down the basics of dabbing; by the end, you’ll know everything necessary to start dabbing cannabis extracts.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing extracts is the flash vaporization of cannabis extracts such as crumble, shatter, wax and budder – essentially a highly concentrated dose of cannabis created with a solvent.

You can also dab concentrates such as hash and resin.

To dab, you will need a “dab rig” which consists of a water pipe, nail, dome, and dabber.

What You Need to Dab Cannabis Extracts

A few more tools are required to properly dab cannabis extracts compared to other consumption methods like edibles or smoking.

Supplies you’ll need to dab extracts properly:

  • Dab rig with a nail
  • Dome – this will fit over the nail and capture the vapor of the cannabis extract
  • Blowtorch
  • Dabber
  • Cannabis extract

You can pick up these “dabbing essentials” at any dispensary or head shop.

The steps to take a dab are simple:

  • 1.) Fill the water pipe with water
  • 2.) Heat the nail to a high temperature – you don’t want it to be too hot or it will feel harsh on your lungs
  • 3.) Place the desired amount of cannabis concentrate on your dabber
  • 4.) Swirl the concentrate on the end of the dabber into the heated nail
  • 5.) Place the dome on top of the nail
  • 6.) Inhale the vapor
  • 7.) Repeat as desired!

While there are other types of dabbing methods such as domeless rigs or e-nails – the torch and nail method is the simplest and most common option.

What are the Benefits of Dabbing Cannabis Extracts?

Dabbing extracts is especially popular for a few main reasons:

Weed extracts usually contain very high levels of THC (and sometimes CBD), which means you can reach your desired “highness” in a shorter period while using less cannabis product.

Dabbing cannabis extracts releases vapor instead of smoke which means it’s better for your lungs. This method is considered smoke-free for this reason.

Because dabbing is smoke-free, it releases very little odor for those seeking a more discreet consumption method.

Essentially, you can consume much higher amounts of THC and CBD in a shorter period with a fraction of the product and without risking damage to your lungs – it’s easy to see why dabbing extracts is so popular!

Tips for Dabbing Marijuana Extracts

While dabbing can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Make sure to keep these tips in mind at all times when dabbing marijuana extracts:

  • Use caution when handling your blow torch and heated nail.
  • Start with a very small amount of extract – ideally no larger than a lentil.
  • Do not overheat your nail – this can lead to unpleasantly hot dabs.
  • Consider purchasing cannabis extracts with equal parts CBD and THC to avoid the risk overconsumption.
  • Avoid using low-grade titanium for your dabber or nail – which is unsafe to inhale.
  • Also avoid using stainless steel dabbers or nails – stainless steel releases dangerous chromium fumes when heated.

As long as you stay safe and avoid overindulging or purchasing the wrong tools, dabbing extracts is one of the best ways to consume weed.

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