Rosin: A Solvent Free Concentrate

Why Rosin?

Rosin is the newest trend in clean cannabis products that provides all the benefits of a cannabis concentrate with no residual solvents. Rosin is a solvent-less hash oil that is extracted using a combination of heat and pressure. The heat and pressure squeezes sap from the flower, hash, or kief that is used in the process. The results of the process yields a substance very comparable to butane hash oil with a very similar potency and flavor. Rosin is also full of terpenes because it is extracted at low temperatures.

Solvent Free Concentrate

Rosin has gained a lot of traction lately because it is made with cannabis, free of the additives that people usually worried about. The product takes far less time to create because it requires no extra processing after the preliminary extraction process. Traditional butane extracted oils need to be purged of the potentially harmful solvents to be fit for consumption, but without the use of butane, Rosin can be consumed immediately following extraction. It only takes a few seconds to have a completed Rosin product that can be used in all of the same applications as other solvent based oils.


Easy DIY

Rosin is extremely simple to make at home, only requiring a cannabis product, parchment paper, a hair straightener and heat resistant gloves. Making it is as simple as pressing the cannabis product, either keif, hash, or whole bud cannabis, in parchment paper with the hair straightener at 280 to 330 degrees F for 3-7 seconds. The easy process extracts resin from cannabis that is ready to use right away.

Rosin is a much healthier and simple alternative to traditional solvent extracted products. Many producers and sellers have created their own large industrial presses to allow them to quickly create large amounts of resin to sell to their clients. Rosin is a great way to get a powerful and concentrated dose of cannabinoids and terpenes without the added concerns of solvents in the product.


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