Lyme Disease


I have severe sleep disorder originally triggered by late stage Lyme disease. What edibles might help?

Edibles made with indica strains that promote deep body relaxation and help ease some symptoms of insomnia would be helpful. Be mindful to avoid sativa …


Looking for joint pain relief due to Lyme disease

Try a whole plant extract of cannabis in a tincture form. CBD and THC can be found in various ratios. You may want to start …


Could Lyme Disease Patients Find Relief with Medical Cannabis?

Lyme disease has gained a lot of attention in the media lately. Reality TV star and former model Yolanda Foster has publicly shared her battle …


I have Lyme disease. What can help me get better?

"I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year and am undergoing a variety of treatments (antibiotics, vitamin infusions, etc.) Marijuana seems to help with many …

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