I have Lyme disease. What can help me get better?

"I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year and am undergoing a variety of treatments (antibiotics, vitamin infusions, etc.) Marijuana seems to help with many things, could it help me?"

The first thing I tell a patient is that you must believe you are going to be better because that immediately starts to help your immune system. It is important to know what is the stage of your Lymes disease? Did you recently contract the disease? Have you had a dark field microscopic exam of your blood? Did you do antibiotics and if so how many rounds did you do? Antibiotics affect the immune system because 90% of our immune system is in our G.I. tract and it has been proven that in long-term Lymes disease antibiotics are of essentially no benefit. If you have tertiary Lymes disease affecting the brain and spinal cord, antibiotics given then maybe effective if administered in the spine. There is a PBS special called, "The disease under our skin" about chronic Lymes disease and it is worth viewing. Super high CBD cannabis will support the immune system in getting rid of pathological organisms in the body so I usually recommend a super high CBD, low THC tincture to be administered sublingually at least two times per day, ongoing. I also recommend Bacillus coagulens as a probiotic that stimulates the immune system in the G.I. tract along with sufficient root vegetables to help the healthy bacteria live in the intestine. It is also critical that the patient receive enough sleep to restore a healthy hormonal balance in the body so Indica or a 1:1, CBD:THC tincture maybe given for restorative sleep. It is also essential to correct any vitamin D deficiency since vitamin D3 is a hormone not a vitamin and it is essential to recover from any infections but the blood level of
25-OHD must be maintained above 50 ng/mL for optimal health. It is also worth learning to stay in present moment instead of being in the fear of what might be in the future. I have lots of other suggestions but a specific consultation as to your symptoms and your stage of disease maybe of additional benefit. Good luck and be persistent and you should improve.


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