Addiction question

"My husband and I are trying a CBD/THC tincture 20 to 1 for pain management. We each started with five drops a day as recommended …


Looking for dosing options and / or Dr. who will work with a heroin addict to wean off with CBD.

"Addict has been using CBD twice a day for a few weeks and now is ready to start weaning off of herion. Need help in …


can CBD oil help with valium withdrawal or would in worsen or prolong the symptoms.

"Been on valium for 2 weeks, 2.5 to 5mg everyother day as needed.. Feel horrible after a day not taking it. I want off but …


Opioid addiction rehabilitation

" "


How Cannabis Can Break the Cycle of Opioid Abuse

The American opioid epidemic claims nearly a hundred lives a day to overdose deaths. The cycle of abuse and dependence affects millions more as people …


What is the best way to mitigate the dipilating effects of Pregabalin withdrawal?

From my experience – not with pregabalin specifically – very small doses of cannabis can be quite effective is managing some of the withdrawal symptoms. …


I stopped taking cymbalta a week ago and may be in withdrawal.

"Is it safe for me to start using my CBD vape oil now? It is 18-1 concentration." Cymbalta withdrawal can be debilitating and can last …


What can you recommend for increasing appetite and putting on weight?

"I am using cannabis to help stop my addiction to hydrocodone; I’m wasting away though. Any advice on maintaining and increasing my weight would be …


Help with heroin addiction

"I am looking for a product to help in recovery from heroin addiction. I live in Texas. Is it possible for me to find a …


I have an inflammed bladder due to paxil withdrawal.

"I am trying to get off of Paxil, for the third time, to have a baby. I have inflammation of bladder. I never had this …


How to relieve the symptoms of medication withdrawal?

"In conjunction with starting the use of cannabis to help with PTSD. I started to taper off my medications for depression and anxiety. With my …


I'm stepping down of off klonopin. Wondered if cannabis could help?

"I’m stepping down of off klonopin and I’m wondering if you have any input about cannabis possibly helping with the debilitating side effects of the …

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