Is Cannabis Addictive?

I want to try to start cannabis use, but I'm afraid. Is cannabis addictive?

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CBD’s Effect on Curbing Cravings & Addiction

About 40 million Americans are struggling with addiction. That’s more than the number of people with...

Addiction question

"My husband and I are trying a CBD/THC tincture 20 to 1 for pain management. We each started with...

Looking for dosing options and / or Dr. who will work with a heroin addict to wean off with CBD.

"Addict has been using CBD twice a day for a few weeks and now is ready to start weaning off of...

Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is tough. Though there’s a long list of smoking cessation aids on the market and in...

Opioid addiction rehabilitation

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