Psilocybin May be the Answer to Autism and a Healthy Microbiome An Interview with Scientist & Researcher Marvin S. Hausman, MD

Dr. Marvin Hausman is Chairman of Nova Mentis’ Scientific Advisory Board and is leading their research and development efforts in medicinal psychedelics. Dr. Hausman is …


Is it safe for children to use CBD oil to treat autism and ADHD?

"My 13 year old son has high functioning autism and moderate ADHD. Which CBD Oil will work best for him?" CBD oil (derived from hemp) …


Can you recommend some products that would help with autistic behavior?

I have had good results with hemp CBD alone for autism. Low dosage with impressive results. Target doses depend on age, under 8 then 10mg, …


hello, i have Aspergers, i have anxiety, ocd, ptsd, insomnia, depression and also panick when i worry

"Yeah what I am really nervous about, because alot of high thc strains do help especially pure sativas, but what ive been scared by prohibitionists …


Video: Autistic Girl's Aggressive Seizures Calmed with Cannabis

Cannabis Calms Severely Autistic Girl Recently, a viral video viewed by over 1 million people, shows an autistic seventeen year old girl from Texas during …


New Clinical Trial Researches Cannabis Effects on Autism

Israel Starts Clinical Trial Researchers in Israel are formulating a study to test if CBD could be used to help people with autism. The study …

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