Cannabis plant to illustrate CBG cannabinoid

CBG: Is This Cannabinoid More Powerful Than CBD?

Most people think about THC and CBD when they think about cannabis, but there are other minor cannabinoids...

5 Easy Happiness Hacks (Including Weed!)

While we know that happiness is a tricky beast for many people, there are ways to get a mood boost for...
Woman rolls joint to illustrate high-THC vs. low-THC debate

High-THC vs. Low-THC Cannabis

If you’re wondering how the level of THC factors in to your cannabis experience, this article is...
Feet on scale, in relation to questions about cannabis and weight loss

Can Cannabis Help with Weight Loss?

Many cannabis consumers wonder what role cannabis plays in weight—loss or gain. The munchies are real,...

How Does Weed Work to Get You High and Feeling Good?

We unravel the weed mystery and give you the scientific lowdown on why it causes most people to feel...
Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse

Should You Do a Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse?

Learn about cannabis tolerance, how taking a break works, and tips for making it a positive experience.
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6 Cannabis Terpene Pairings for Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is arguably the most popular summer treat. And believe it or not, you can make it even better....
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How Can Weed Support Weight Loss?

As marijuana legalization expands and research continues, more therapeutic applications for marijuana...

Country Cannabis Joints - the Future of Weed is Low THC Flower

In every dispensary, I see cannabis products with higher and higher levels of THC. Consumers, or at least...

Best Medical Marijuana Strains as a Sleep Aid

It’s no secret – we all need to sleep. But there are different forms of sleep and different reasons for...

What Is Salvia: Psychedelics 101

Salvia is one of the many hallucinogens consumed by psychedelic enthusiasts with a deep history of ritualistic...

Does THC increase serotonin?

Does THC increase serotonin in the brain? Justin B. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) itself may or may not...
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