Entourage Effect


Can Certain Foods Interact With Cannabis to Affect Your High?

Terpenes found in both cannabis and many fruits and vegetables have people speculating that the interaction...

How Cannabinoids and Terpenes Work Better Together

In its natural state, the marijuana plant contains over 480 known natural chemicals. Some of those are...

Harnessing the Power of Cannabis's Chemical Compounds

In the last installment of our series for cannabis newcomers, we went over cannabis strains and why they’re...

CBD and THC: A Perfect Balance for Healing

Herbalists say that for every poisonous plant, there’s another with an antidote not far away. That kind...

Whole Plant Medicine & the Entourage Effect

Alicia Rose is the Founder of HerbaBuena a California based collective that provides a sophisticated,...

What Is It About Mangoes and Marijuana?

Mangoes and cannabis pair well because of the entourage effect. Read on to learn more.
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