How Do I Microdose Psychedelics?

I keep hearing about microdosing psychedelics for better focus and creativity, but I am not sure where to begin.


How To Dose Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have grown in popularity due to their proven effectiveness in treating depression, PTSD, and anxiety, among other conditions. They has also been a …


How to Make Magic Mushrooms Chocolates

Cannabis legalization has swept the country and on its heels is the next wave — the decriminalization and legalization of psychedelics, like magic mushrooms. Research …


What is Psilocybin: Psychedelics 101

After several decades of being ignored by mainstream society, psychedelic mushrooms, known as psilocybin, are being embraced for their remarkable healing qualities. Every day seems …


Alternative and Emerging Treatments for Fibromyalgia – Could One Work for You?

What is Fibromyalgia? Even though up to 3% of the world’s population experiences fibromyalgia, effective treatment can be maddeningly hard to find. If you’re familiar …


Exploring Mind-Bending Psychedelics: Psilocybin & LSD

As cannabis continues to enter the mainstream, it’s only natural that we begin to turn our attention to other stigmatized substances that could hold medical …


The Healing Powers of Psychedelic Therapy

What Is Psychedelic Therapy? Psychedelic therapy is an innovative treatment for psychiatric disorders, including mental illness, that uses psychedelic drugs such as MDMA or LSD …

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