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The Bright Side, Vol. 9

The Bright Side, Vol. 4: The Scientific Reason You’re Easily Distracted

Welcome to The Bright Side, Vol. 4! The Bright Side is our bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox
Middle-aged woman taking supplements to boost mental health

5 Natural Supplements to Boost Your Mental Health

Those who experience mental health challenges are often on the lookout for ways to bolster their emotional wellbeing. If this sounds like you or someone
The Bright Side, Vol. 9
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The Bright Side, Vol. 3: Why Wordle Is Good for Your Brain

Welcome to The Bright Side, Vol. 3! The Bright Side is our bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox

7 Cannabis Products for A Relaxing Night In

Feeling stressed? A chill evening might be what you’re craving. We’ve rounded up seven cannabis products for a relaxing night in. Life is hectic and
Friends gathered around a BBQ, to illustrate cannabis strains to enjoy a more social summer
ArticlesCulture & Lifestyle

4 Cannabis Strains to Help You Enjoy A More Social Summer

If you’re even a little socially anxious, parties and gatherings can feel intimidating. Read on for four cannabis strains to help you enjoy a more
55-PlusAlzheimer's Disease

Cannabis May Be Able to Defend Against Dementia Symptoms

Dementia is often called “the long goodbye” as people watch their loved ones ebb away slowly. Cannabis may be able to defend against dementia symptoms.
The Bright Side, Vol. 9
ArticlesCulture & Lifestyle

The Bright Side, Vol. 2: 11 Minutes to Live Longer

Welcome to The Bright Side, Vol. 2! The Bright Side is our bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox
Cannabis and essential oils on a counter
ArticlesConsumption Methods

Boosting the Benefits of Cannabis with Essential Oils

More and more people with health conditions are turning to cannabis for its benefits. Believe it or not, combining cannabis and essential oils can boosts
Do edibles make you groggy, represented by gummy bears and a cannabis bud on a pink background
Consumption MethodsEdible

Do Edibles Make You Groggy? Here’s Why

Different cannabis consumption methods can elicit different reactions from the same person. If you’ve ever wondered why edibles make you groggy when smoking or vaping
A woman with a glass—can cannabis replace wine in everyday life?

How Cannabis Can Replace Your Glass of Wine

If you’ve ever wondered if cannabis can replace wine in your life, keep reading. We’ve got the rundown on how your favourite consumption method can
Couple on the beach for cannabis-friendly honeymoon destinations
ArticlesCulture & Lifestyle

5 Awesome Cannabis-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve booked the venue, sent the invitations and finalized the menu. The last decision? Which one of these cannabis-friendly honeymoon destinations to head to when
Text overlay—How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolates—on a chocolate bar background

How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolates

If psilocybin (the psychedelic also known as “magic mushrooms”) interests you, keep reading. We’ll break down what it is, what effects you can expect and
Popcorn lung is diagnosed with X-ray and CT scan
Health ConditionsQuestion and Answer

Does Vaping Cannabis Cause Popcorn Lung?

Popcorn lung (bronchiolitis obliterans) is a rare condition that causes thick scar tissue to build up in the lungs. This disease, for which there is
Woman asleep after trying sleep-formulated edibles

Falling Asleep with Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies

Many cannabis edibles on the market are formulated for falling and staying asleep. If you’re looking for intel, we’ve got the goods on Wana Optimals
Toilet bowl with cactus to represent hemorrhoids

Using Cannabis to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

Hemorrhoids affect nearly three-quarters of the population in the US, but no one wants to talk about it. Well, we want to change that. Keep
The Bright Side, Vol. 9
ArticlesCulture & Lifestyle

Introducing The Bright Side, helloMD’s New Newsletter

The Bright Side is our new, bi-weekly newsletter designed to give you a hit of happy in your inbox each week. Arriving every other Thursday
Woman rolls joint to illustrate high-THC vs. low-THC debate

High-THC vs. Low-THC Cannabis

If you’re wondering how the level of THC factors in to your cannabis experience, this article is for you. Read on for the high-THC vs.
Cannabis leaf against building in Netherlands, to illustrate history of medical marijuana

A (Brief) History of Medical Marijuana

Most medical cannabis users know that the treatment can be found deep in the history books, but do you know just how far? Many sources
How to make cannabutter, whipped final product

How to Make Cannabutter (or Cannabis Butter)

For people who want to cook with cannabis, making up a batch of cannabis-infused butter, better known as cannabutter, is one of the easiest ways
ArticlesCannabis 101

Why You Need to Eat Fat With Cannabis

You might be surprised (and potentially delighted) to learn that eating fat with cannabis is essential. (Yes, that means burgers and weed are a good
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