After hip surgery I have intense nerve pain down my leg. High THC exacerbates the pain. I want a solution.

"I want to use marijuana instead of narcotics but I am very sensitive to THC. It often makes pain worse and causes anxiety for me. Is there something I can try? OxyContin and Valium are horrible. I’d like to find a solution with marijuana as the pain can be agony for me."

Try to start off with a very low dosage yummy cookie or edible of your choice and take very slimmly increasing dosages each time you try, start around 25 MG to see your comfort zone to block out pain but not make yourself uncomfortable at all


25MG is a lot more than usually recommended for a starter who is sensitive to THC. I would suggest a 5MG edible, or 10 at the absolute most before you figure out your tolerance level.

These days there is a trend towards ‘micro-dosing’ and there are many products available for that purpose. Look for a 5MG edible from reputable dispensary with a good selection and start there.

Alternatively, you might try a high CBD / low THC combination that has minimal psychoactive effect. There are many options in this category too, from edibles, to vapes, to tinctures.


You might want to try a topical cream for nerve pain down the leg as long as you don’t apply it directly to a surgical incision until it’s completely healed over. Topical cream allows you to apply THC for pain relief while not experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC that come with smoking or eating it. I refer to topicals like Sweet ReLeaf as "Help Where It Hurts" because you can apply it to a specific location and have it act on that painful area only. It has been our experience that topical pain relief has been sufficient to reduce the need for narcotics and in some instances help patients wean themselves completely from narcotics.

Applying it 2 -3 times daily (whenever it begins hurting again) for a week or more should give you a good idea whether or not it will be effective for your particular situation. Each individual’s body chemistry is unique and the pain they experience is unique to their particular condition, so take a "try and see" approach. Hopefully, it will help reduce the pain to a more tolerable level without the narcotics.


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