After taking any medical marijuana I feel relaxed and can't work. What should I do ?

"No matter what I am consuming(CBD, THC or Sativa , Indica), I always feel very relaxed which is good at night time but I am not able to work on day time. What I am looking for is something that will make me productive on the day time. I appreciate your recommendations."

Cannabis contains a variety of lesser known cannabinoids besides CBD and THC. One of these lesser known cannabinoids is called CBN. CBN is responsible for a lot of the sedative effects of cannabis commonly referred to as "couch lock."

Unlike most of the other active cannabinoids, CBN is actually a degraded form of THC. Exposure to things like sunlight and air will cause the THC to degrade to CBN so cannabis flower that is old or has been handled a lot will probably have higher CBN content regardless of genetics (i.e. indica vs sativa). The higher CBN content will also be present in extracts made from the same flower.

In the future, always check the full cannabinoid profile whenever possible and avoid products with elevated CBN levels. A good rule of thumb is anything over 0.5% CBN will probably produce more noticeable sedative effects, so you will want to avoid that during the day when it’s time to be productive.

(On the other hand, although high THC can help you feel sleepy, it actually interferes with deep REM sleep. In this situation CBN can be very helpful as it produces a similar sedative effect to function as a sleep-aid, while interfering less with the critical part of your sleep cycle so you wake up feeling more well-rested.)


I am not a doctor, but I can relay my personal experience with this. Everyone is different and everyone metabolizes cannabis differently, so there is no one size fits all. My own experience has been that some products if I use them during the day render me useless, and unable to work. Other products seem to work fine. So continuing to experiment may be the way to go. It also depends on what you are trying to treat and if you need high levels of either CBD or THC to find relief, daytime use may never be in the cards for you.

That said, the way i treat pain and also symptom reduction, is via micro dosing throughout the day. Micro dosing means that i take less more often. I wrote a post on this awhile ago and people seemed to respond very well to it.


This represents my opinion and my experience only. I hope this helps!


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