Are Edibles containing THC causing any side effects that could be harmful?

"taking a look at THC edibles such as brownies, etc. I know how the thc is processed, i understand everything about the technicalities of processing THC and the effects it will cause. But at the end of the day, is eating an edible any more dangerous than smoking a cigar? or eating too much sugar as a diabetic? Why is there such a war on THC? Smoking, sure, anything inhaled into the lungs like tobacco, cannabis, paper, anything is harmful. But, edibles? What could be an actual causation from indulging one? Liver cancer?? anything? I understand medical marijuana helps those who are prescribed, but I’m asking for a family friend who uses recreationally."

Hello there! I think we have to start off with the nature of your question: are you asking can there be any adverse effects from THC if it’s taken in a non-inhalation form? The short answer is: yes (but this can possibly be true of ANY cannabinoid, though CBD is documented to have less "psychoactivity". There is no "war" on THC; THC can indeed be useful as you’ve pointed out but there are deleterious side effects. If THC levels are too high in the blood, there are police and ER reports of said effects (i.e. paranoia, excessively high heart rate, etc). However, you can let you’re friend know that there are plenty of MD’s who think that THC ratios, in modest amounts of edibles/ tinctures/ vape-pens can be helpful. I personally have seen in help people sleep, help appetite, help improve symptom mgmt for neuropathic / nerve damage pain. However, given the nature of your friend’s question, I think it would be wise to let them know that they are missing out if they just stick to THC; there seems to be evidence on the receptor level that having combo’s of different cannabinoids together (they study I looked at looked at THC and CBD together) is actually better than just using one or another cannabinoid. I hope this answers your question; send your friend over if they have further questions!


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