Liver issues


How Does Cannabis Affect Over-the-Counter Medications?

Cannabis can be an effective treatment for many health conditions, or simply a way to relax after a long day. But marijuana can interact with …


what kind of cannabis would I use to help my liver?

Hello, There are multiple pre-clinical studies which suggest that cannabis may play a prominent role in promoting liver health. And unlike most cannabis research topics, …


Studies Find Cannabis Can Protect Drinkers’ Livers

Cannabis and alcohol are the two most popular recreational substances around, so it’s not unusual to see the two consumed together. Still, news about the …


Will liver cirrhosis affect edibles and tinctures and how they work? I cannot get any relief from edibles.

"Will liver cirrhosis affect edibles and tinctures and how they work? I cannot get any relief from edibles. And I recently got diagnosed with COPD …


Do edibles need a healthy liver?

"I have cirrhosis and COPD so I have a hard time smoking it and for some reason edibles/tinctures do not work at all…#cantgetstoned" Hi there! …


I need help with edibles and liver

"Tinctures in specific "


Is your product safe to use with a person that has Cirrhosis, or can it be harmful to the liver?

Hi there! I am not a doctor, and I am not sure what product exactly you are referring to, but CBD products might be able …


I suffer from concussions. Is taking THC oil bad for the liver if I'm on SSRIs?

” I just finished reading an article from Dr. Olson about cannabis oil and ssri s which I found interesting! There was mention in there …


I have end stage liver disease. Can cannabis help me?

"I stopped drinking over a year ago. I also severe ADHD so I don’t want to make that worse. " Hello, There are insufficient research …


Would daily use of cannabis-infused coconut oil negatively affect the liver?

No. Infusing cannabis into coconut oil works great when looking for a way to ingest cannabis. Since the essential fatty acids in the coconut oil …


Do etables hurt the liver?

Cannabis affects the body differently depending on how it is consumed. For an edible to work, it has to first pass through the body’s primary …


Do etables hurt the liver

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