Arthritis and migraines

"CBD (indica and sativa) tinctures have not worked at all for arthritis. How much is too much tincture? I’m new to this so need a lot of educating but so far I’m not very impressed. Don’t want to smoke. One topical helps but smells like weed so can’t go out with it on. Kiva 60/60 chocolate helps with sleep. Am I missing something ?"

Hi, I would ask are you using primarily all CBD and how often are you dosing and for how long? Most CBD tinctures are usually displayed with a ratio of CBD:THC so you may have a 20:1 which would be 20 parts CBD to 1 part THC. CBD does help with inflammation but in my experience, a CBD tincture does not help immediately with pain, it is something that when taken over a longer period of pain may help calm general inflammation and discomfort.

I don’t have arthritis but I have intense migraines. I found that when I started taking CBD tinctures it took about 2-3 months before i noticed a real decrease in my pain until finally I don’t get them at all anymore. That said, everyone is different. I find a tincture with high CBD 20:1 followed by a tincture with 4:1 later in the day is what works best for me.

Topicals vary and many yes, do smell terrible or can be greasy. Topicals are great because they provide localized relief and do not enter the blood stream. Two topicals I love are SweetReLeaf and FlowerPower.

Another thing you might consider is microdosing during the day very small amounts of THC in 1-2 mg which can help with pain and relax the body while you are still able to function mentally. Satori Chocolates now has a great product. I will include links below.


I hope this helps! I am not a doctor and this is my opinion only.


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