"What is the best strain to treat arthritis and stay somewhat lucid? I have bad OA and an intense, fast paced job. Thanks in advance!"

Hello! When it comes to strains, keep in mind that Sativas have a higher CBD:THC ratio, while indicas have a higher THC:CBD ratio. Arthiritis is joint inflammation and CBD is a great anti-inflammatory. I would recommend strains high in CBD (Sativas) or hybrids that contain at least 5 percent CBD. Kush and Sours are sativa strains you may find most medicinal for your arthiritis.


This article mentions a couple of strains–like AK47–that could be helpful for arthritis. Hope it helps!


I would recommend a high CBD strain like HarleyTzu. It has great anti-inflammatory characteristics. A topical with this type of strain plus ingredients like peppermint, lavendar, arnica, and emul oil all help to decrease inflammation and pain. You don’t need a high THC product. You need a product that focuses on the inflammation. Also, a change in diet is vital. Look into an anti-inflammatory diet which eliminates red meat, sugar, wheat, dairy. Eat simple, organic basic foods that heal and support and dont’ cause inflammation.


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