As a new consumer how can I know the products I buy are of good quality and safe for consumption?

"I’ve heard that marijuana is not regulated like food products you buy in the store. How do I know what I am consuming is safe and reliable?"

A lot of collective have their marijuana tested and can show you the results so we can see what’s in it


This is a really great question. There are so many gaps in the regulations of how products are grown, tracked, labeled and overseen by regulators, that its very difficult to know for sure what you are ingesting at the moment.

If you have concerns (and you should IMO), I would suggest you shop at a reputable dispensary or delivery service, speak to the people that work there and ask about testing of products, not just for THC but for things like pesticides and contaminants.

Many people in the industry are doing their best to ensure that the products for sale are safe, but not everyone. So you really need to exercise your own good judgement – in terms of where you shop – until the regulations catch up with the market.


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