Can cannabis help alleviate migraines?

"I have had bad migraines that come at the same time monthly and sometimes I experience nausea. This has been happening since I was a teenager. I am wondering if cannabis can help stop them and/or alleviate the pain."

Headaches in women, particularly migraines, are tied to shifts in the levels of the female hormone estrogen during your menstrual cycle. Estrogen levels drop right before the start of your menstrual flow.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce the frequency of migraines and it also works quickly to relieve the symptoms of tension headaches as they occur.

Migraines may be the result of generators such as a bright light or loud noises triggers a chemical reaction in the brain. We have our own built-in endocannabinoid system that produces a substance called anandamide that is very similar in structure to cannabis. Sometimes our endocannabinoids, usually released to restore equilibrium, are low. When this happens and we have endocannabinoid dysfunction, resulting in an inability for the brain to normalize communication. Without these endocannabinoids and their respective functions, a migraine may subsequently occurs.

They is plenty of anecdotal evidence that has shown the effectiveness of cannabis in treating pain caused by migraines and chronic headaches.

Various strains that may help include the Hazes, Purple Urkle, Grand Daddy Purple and Purple Kush.
If migraines occur frequently, a very small, daily dose of THC may be helpful.
Many people have also successfully used CBD tinctures to alleviate migraines.


Some patients get relief from applying a cannabis roll-on, tincture, or salve to the temples at the first hint of a migraine. Worth a try!


How each person responds to cannabis medicine varies so greatly it is hard to say for certain how you will react. However, cannabis is widely used to treat migraines and many patients have success with a variety of cannabis products. Patients have reported that taking a high-CBD tincture (under the tongue for faster absorption into the blood stream) and rubbing a cannabis topical on their temples (or other tense areas of the head) at the first sign of migraine can prevent it from fully developing. Others feel that smoking can do the same, but that can come with psychoactivity (feeling high) so cannot be used at all times. Patients have also reported that when a migraine has set in, eating an edible with THC and CBD and then taking a nap can treat the migraine without having to turn to pharmaceuticals. Experimenting with what works best for you is the answer, knowing that other people have found migraine relief from cannabis.


You may want to consider taking an 8:1 ratio of CBD: THC sublingual spray or tincture for daily use as a preventative measure. At this ratio, you should not experience any psychoactivity; I have heard good things about Anxiety Relief Tincture by Alta California Botanicals. Higher CBD ratios are also available from Treatwell and Care By Design.

If you feel that a migraine is about to hit, and you know that you will not be driving or need to be productive, you can vape a high-CBD strain with some THC, such as Canna Tsu. There may be some psychoactivity from this, so as with all marijuana products, go low and slow when first starting out until you find the correct dosage for yourself.

If your migraines are the result of tension, you can consider applying a topical to the temples, back of neck and the shoulders. Two popular options that come to mind are Xternal and Sweet ReLeaf; these are both non-psychoactive.

If you would like to try edibles, start with 2.5 mg and work your way up. A good option may be Kiva’s Petra mints as they are dosed at 2.5mg per mint and allow you plenty of control when dosing. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to feel the effects of edibles, so again, take the smallest dose and work your way up gradually until you find what works for you.

Finally, a healthy diet, daily exercise, staying hydrated, and keeping a regular schedule are also helpful.


I have had migraines for over 30 years so I have spent a lot of time researching this problem. My migraines began after a neck & back injury but when I did my genetic chart right there was, I don’t clear toxic substances well from my genetic chart affecting my chromosomes, so I do encourage you to have a genetic chart done so you can balance your nutrients to help support your body to do effective detoxification.

What’s toxic? Chemicals in our environment and chemicals that are hidden in the foods that we eat. One of the worst offending chemicals is free glutamate. MSG is a free glutamate and it is often times hidden in our foods especially when you go out to eat.

Consider eliminating all free glutamate’s from your diet since they are neurologically toxic especially to people who have migraines or anxiety issues.

Consider visiting www.truthinlabeling.org for more information.
Please view: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4SD5f2toQ
The CBD’s have greatly reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines but I still do get migraines.

When I get a migraine I immediately drink a large glass of water in case I’m dehydrated, I drink a cup of black coffee (Don’t do this if you’re allergic or if you have to have milk or sugar added),I do I a scoop of d-ribose under my tongue and I will typically vaporize a high CBD cannabis for relief in approximately 10 minutes.
I also started taking extra CBD tincture at bedtime but most importantly I have become a fanatic about my food intake because I don’t want the long-term consequences of brain diseases from excessive neurotoxic free glutamate in my diet. You may be interested in looking at the research Katherine Reid, PhD, has come up with regarding free glutamate’s and the diseases these cause and you may also become fanatical about your diet for long-term health.

Good luck on your quest, for improved health, migraines are a good thing to get rid of!


I have a product that works very well for migraines. It combines gingko bilboa with blue dream cannabis into an edible with several other super foods and potent herbs including ashwagandha and Yerba Mate (caffeine). The gingko bilboa increases blood flow to the brain, the cannabis reduces inflammation and pain. The ahhwagandha inhibits over excited neurological activity. Really, you cannot get a better formula. Mine contains quite a bit more but the key things you want is an indica mj, gingko and ahhwagandha extract.


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Cannabis has been known to help headaches / migraines – "CBD has been found to be very effective at treating migraines because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties."

I found that quote above from this article which seems to be pretty helpful in explaining // https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/57f283d9e4b4f6000a8dba0e/the-best-cbd-marijuana-strains-for-migraines


  • Nurit w/ ONA


At times, I feel like I am a headache specialist since I have multiple factors in my genetic make up that predisposes me to headaches, especially migraines.
If you want a Sativa, I think Jack Herer is tough to beat for a headache since, when vaporized it tends to dissipate my headache in about 10-15 minutes but I also use the CBD dominant salve my neck and drink a large glass of waterIn case I’m dehydrated.
I also really enjoy a high CBD strain such as AC/DC, not only good for pain but also stops anxiety.
You will have to experiment a little bit to see what works best for you. Cannabis is great medicine for headache and you might even find that a CBD dominant tincture spray such as
8:1, CBD: THC, used under the tongue functions as well as Ibuprofen or Aleve without the nasty side effects.
If you are having headaches from stress, you very likely would benefit by adding more CBD’s to your treatment plan.


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I’ve treated a good number of patients with migraines with good success. Here’s a video I’ve put together that dives into the research on medical marijuana and migraines. It also provides info on the results I’ve seen in the migraine patients I’ve treated with medical marijuana.

I hope you find it helpful.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Patel


Currently there are many articles on our website dealing with your question regarding medical marijuana for migraines so I recommend you start by doing a search for the articles.
Migraines indicate that your brain has been poisoned and it creates a vascular response leaving you with a headache.
Consider eliminating all free glutamate’s (MSG) from your diet since they are neurologically toxic especially to people who have migraines or anxiety issues.
Consider visiting www.truthinlabeling.org for more information.
Since I do experience migraines I always keep a list of the chemicals that convert to MSG in my body and if I get a migraine I’m always searching on that list to see if I have contaminated myself knowingly and that food or substance will be banned from my consumption.
When I do experience a Migraine headache I will drink a large glass of water, a cup of black coffee, I apply CBD dominant Cannabis salve on the back of my neck to stop the muscle spasms and I will vape either an ACDC (CBD dominate) or Jack Herer ( Sativa dominant) to stop the migraine in about 10 minutes but if the headache is not gone in 10 minutes I may vape a little more cannabis. I do keep Sumatriptan on hand for an emergency if I can’t get my migraine to resolve in any other way.
I have found that taking a high dose of CBD at bedtime has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines but it did take a couple of months to build up the protective effects. CBD does protect your brain from the chemicals that cause migraines and the toxic chemicals can produce brain dysfunction if those chemicals are not eliminated or if you are not using CBD to protect yourself when you are getting migraines. Always have the CBD dominant salve on hand to apply to your neck when you notice discomfort because you can often times abort the migraine before it fully involves if you apply the salve promptly.


I think if you search the chat room with the word ‘migraines’ you will come up with a lot of information. You need CBDs and tinctures may be a great place to start. If you get more CBDs into your body you should be able to stop the severity and the frequency of the migraines because you will be protecting your brain with the CBD’s. Free glutamates in your diet as well as other chemicals found in the migraine articles in our website chat room online have the potential to cause damage to your brain and neurological disease so those chemicals should be eliminated immediately. Please see www.truthandlabeling.org for the foods that create free glutamate in your body. You need CBD’s in your body for protection before you start doing high THC or you could increase your pain, Blood pressure, muscle spasms and anxiety until you put more CBD’s in to balance the THC’s. Please, remember a high CBD with a high THC will put you to sleep. Migraine sufferers are very chemically sensitive and you do not detoxify well so, think twice before chemical exposures including cigarette smoke, perfumed or scented products, herbicides, pesticides and cleaning products.


vape pens are electronic devices that allow you to vaporize cannabis concentrates without the need of a glass bong(oil rig and nail). Commonly a vape pen is comprised of a battery that is usually rechargeable and a cartridge that contains your chosen concentrate. Either there is a button you must hold or some have the capability of only requiring an inhaling force to start vaporizing. They are very good for on the go if concentrates are you chosen form of medicine.
Hope this helps!


Several of my clients have reported the cessation of tinnitus, others have not. Migraines are well controlled in most cases. I recommend whole spectrum CBD for my patients with a maintenance dose and higher doses for acute episodes of migraines.


There is anecdotal evidence that CBD can be effective for those with a history of migraines refractory to traditional pharmaceutical interventions.

NP Joshua

Hello! Cannabis can be a very effective treatment for migraine. Before trying any medication I always recommend to examine your lifestyle and see if you can uncover any triggers that cause migraines. Common ones are stress, neck pain, dehydration, hormonal changes, skipping meals, getting less sleep, weather or temperature changes, alcohol, aged cheeses, artificial sugars, food additives, among others! Keeping a migraine journal can help. When you get a migraine, write down what you’ve had to drink, eat, what your stress level has been and any other notable facts for the 24 hours before the onset of the migraine. Over time you may see some commonalities. Avoiding these triggers can help prevent migraine. Some migraines are seemingly unavoidable and that’s where cannabis can help. You’ll want to take the cannabis at the onset of a migraine to have the best chance of decreasing it’s severity. What kind of cannabis that works the best depends on the person, so you might try a higher THC indica/sativa hybrid in a vapor pen or perhaps a higher CBD (20:1) in a vapor pen. This question is very common and here are a couple other responses:

I have migraine headaches. What would you recommend?

Best of luck!


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