Can I use this service in Texas?

"I am a 22 year old with hyperthyroidism, and a messed up left hip I have delt with for years. My uncle is in the dispensary buisiness in California, and his products were the first to assist me after years of doctors making my condition worse. I want to have access to medicine legally in my state, and am concerned about going through the process with you to get my card just for it to not be honored in the state i live in. "

Typically, cards are only valid in the state they are issued in, so a CA card will not work in TX.

Danielle Lim

Hi there. Unfortunately we can only issue medical cards for California and New York. Reading the article I’ve posted below, it looks like in Texas you can only legally obtain CBD oil–and only if you have epilepsy. A bit of good news is that (according to this article) the state seems to have decriminalized possession of less than 4 oz of cannabis. Here’s hoping 2018 sees an expansion of medical marijuana laws in Texas!


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