Can marijuana help with muscle pain and recovery?

"I’m a competitive long-distance runner and getting older. Is vaping cannabis something that could benefit my training/recovery program, without negatively affecting my performance?"

Absolutely, vaping can help with focus during your run and CBD would be great for recovery. Our athletes utilize vaporizers, tinctures, and lotions as healthy delivery options for cannabinoids. The one thing that most negatively affects performance is the actual combustion aspect of cannabis.


well its strain dependant, but I defiantly see it as beneficial after working out. after a hard work out, what does your body need to feed your muscles and you want them to rest up so they can repair.

cannabis defiantly does both. you end up vegging out and having munchies. so your body gets what it needs and you’re giving it a rest to recuperate.

ive seen good results, also helps get to sleep after so you can get that rest your body needs.


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