Can MMJ help me with subtle but yet insomnia causing pain on my left knee?

"1 yr ago i fell off my skateboard in some freak accident, it ended up me landing on my left knee right on a sidewalk curb. Crazy thing is i decided not to go the hospital that same night so i let it heal on its own, and so it did luckily, i can run, walk, and even play sports but sometimes at night i experience minor pain on my left knee, causing discomfort and insomnia in most cases due to the fact that the pain keeps me awake. I’ve gone to the doctor several times and all they do is prescribe sleep aids and pain relievers. I myself do not believe in pills, so i went the alternative route to do my research on this. I just turned 18 and im wondering if i can really benefit from this?, because when it comes to pills, it relieves one symptom and has potential to cause more harm as the labels require to state the side effects. Im lost, please help? Thank you ! "

Many times there are no physical signs of injury after a fall etc., but pain can continue for no obvious cause. This can be seen especially at night when the distractions of the day are gone and you can concentrate on your body.
For people who have localized pain, some localized treatment can help that specific area. There are many topical ointments, lotions or salves that can contain cannabinoids that can be applied to a localized area that just work locally without any psychoactive effects. The higher CBD concentrated ointments can target the CB2 receptors in the joints to just help the pain. Use of trans-dermal patch can lead to some psychoactive effects however.
When the pain that is causing lack of sleep is gone, most people find that sleep is easy to find.

Perry Solomon, MD

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