I have been experimenting with oils how does the potency amounts translate to inhales?

"I am looking for the best help for inlammatory neurogenic pain. I don’t understand the potency results They
Don’t add up and what do they mean?
For example Chem Dawg THC 65%,CBN .42%, CBD .39%
Blue Dream THC 63.7%, CBN 0.41%, CBD/a .45%
Green Dragon THC/a 64.0%, CBN 0.41%, CBD/a 0.51%
Strawberry Cough THC 52.84%, CBD 0.68%, CBG .62%
Thank you for any clarification."

It looks like you are using oil concentrates based on the information provided here. The reason the percentages don’t add up to 100% is primarily because most the rest of the solution is the oil itself! There are also small amounts of many other cannabinoids and terpenes. Every strain is unique, and lab-testing is helping us to better understand the therapeutic benefits of different products.

THC, CBD, and CBN are 3 cannabinoids that have been found to be helpful in the treatment of pain, including neuropathic pain. THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD and CBN are non-psychoactive. For pain control without the "high," it is common for physicians to recommend high CBD-containing medicine.


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