Can smoking marijuana cause bloating?

"Hi, I’ve had my MM rec for almost 5 years now, and have used it off and on for pain, anxiety, stress, you name it.. but recently, I’ve experienced SEVERE bloating in my abdomen every time I use it (especially if I smoke it). It’s like my stomach swells up like a balloon and feels like it’s gonna pop. I’m feeling the pressure in my chest now too. I usually use the vape pens, and I make my own cannabis infused coconut oil, that I use to make edibles. The swelling is less with those. When, or IF, I try to smoke any flowers, I don’t do a lot.. but I wonder why I’m having this reaction to it. Anyone know what could be going on?


It sounds as if you are having some of the cannabis smoke entering your stomach, in essence "swallowing" the smoke. This may result is some burping as you release it. With the other methods you spoke of, the amount of smoke that enters your stomach may be less. Other then that I cannot think of a reason why that stomach bloating would occur.

Perry Solomon, MD

I have similar symptoms that you described and there are possibilities — that do not include "swallowing smoke", especially since you said it also happens more mildly with edibles. Consider that it might be a mild form of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Its seldom documented medically unless patients present at ER with non-stop vomiting that is oddly only relieved by hot showers. Like you, the only symptoms I have are extreme bloating. If I stop smoking, within about 24-48 hours the bloating subsides and I look and feel as though I lost 30 lbs.


I have the same issue as vch881. I have trouble with marijuana and I am trying to reduce consumption. When I smoke daily, I end up with a bloated feeling in my stomach a sort of swolen throat feeling. It is not painful but there is a constant feeling like there’s something stuck in my throat and I need to swallow. I also feel the need to drink a lot of water when I am smoking marijuana so that contributed to the bloated stomach. If I stop consuming marijuana for a day or two it all subsides and my stomach and throat feel fine again. This is just a personal anecdote from my experience with marijuana over the years.


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