Can you have an allergic reaction to cannabis?

"I took Bliss pure Cannabis oil last nite 15:1 ratio CBD to THC. About an hour after I took it sublingually, I was congested. I woke up the next morning- my nose clear but with a large rash on my right cheek. I do not have a vitamin d deficiency and take at least 2000 units of d3 daily."

Yes, you can certainly be allergic to cannabis, just like you can be allergic to other plants or foods. It could be related to the cannabis extract itself, which contains thousands of chemicals, or in the chemicals that are used to extract and formulate the liquid itself. If you have taken other cannabis products in the past without a problem, it could be related more to the other ingredients used to make the medicine. Definitely check out the list of ingredients, and compare to things you may have taken in the past, but generally it’s safest of course to avoid anything that might give you an allergic reaction.


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