Cannabis Interaction with Amitriptyline and Propranolol

“Does Cannabis have interactions with medications Amitriptyline and Propranolol? If so what are that are the side effects? Can it be taken at the same time? ”

All three items (cannabinoids like CBD & THC) as well as amitriptyline and propranalol are all metabolized by an enzyme in the liver known as CYP2D6. The drug monographs for both drugs already warn that both of these medications used together can cause high plasma levels of the amitriptyline because of down-regulation of said enzyme. Cannabis, in the literature, has also been shown to decrease function of this enzyme and theoretically, this could also increase the plasma amitriptyline levels (although this was just in an experimental lab setting). I would bring these issues up to your primary MD and let them make any needed drug adjustments. I hope this helps!


You can safely take cannabis with both medications. Cannabis can increase the serum levels of certain medications — including amitriptyline and propanolol — that are metabolized by a network of liver enzymes called the Cytochome P450 system. However, that effect would only occur if taking exorbitant amounts of cannabis — likely well over 300mg/day.


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