I'm looking for a CBD/THC tincture that will help me with anxiety and sleep as well as back pain

Hi there!
Cannabis tinctures/oils with higher concentrations of CBD vs THC, such as 20CBD:1THC, will lessen, or even eliminate psychoactive effects, while still providing some pain and anxiety relief. However, products with similar levels of CBD and THC, such as 1:1, are more effective at treating pain, insomnia and anxiety. So, for most people, it takes some trial and error before finding a compromise that provides noticeable relief, while also avoiding unwanted side effects. However, in most instances, I would initially recommend high CBD:THC ratios during the day, such as
And products with more THC during the evening to more effectively help treat the pain, anxiety and insomnia, such as

How to use a sublingual tincture:


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