Cannabis side effect with cholesterol and high blood pressure medications

"i have high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am daily taking Crestor for cholesterol, and combined Topro xl (beta blocker), Azor (calcium channel blocker) for high blood pressure. I have back pain and planing to use Cannabis THC/CBD for back pain but wondering any side effect like heart attack/stroke associated with the medications i am taking. "

I agree that it is wise to investigate potential interactions when starting a new medication. Cannabis is metabolized using the same biochemical pathways and enzymes as a variety of medications, including some statins, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. There is the possibility that competition for metabolism could marginally increase the available amount of these medications in the body. In clinical reality, however, this effect is very rarely significant, and none of the medications you are taking represents a contraindication to using cannabis. I would exercise reasonable caution in terms of beginning with modest amounts of cannabis initially to determine that it is, in fact, well tolerated.


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