cbd use for chemo patients

"My brother has a form of Luekemia and is on his 8th round of Chemo. He is exhausted and can’t sleep. He lives in NY, but can’t even muster the strength to see a physician regarding the use of Medical Marijuana. Are there products I can send him (CBD)? Which ones are recommended for his situation? Is there a patient advocate that could help him navigate the system and get some kind of physician’s council and perhaps a medical marijuana card? I live in GA and cannot help him myself with the process.


This is my personal opinion: I believe that THC should not be feared by cancer patients. I firmly believe that cannabis is one of the most valuable medicines in this setting.
CBD on its own will do very little to help your brother get a good night’s sleep; most of the mood-boosting properties of cannabis come from THC; THC is responsible for nausea relief and appetite stimulation; and most studies regarding cannabis’ tumor-fighting properties center around THC. This is not to say that CBD has no role in the fight against cancer; there are several studies which suggest it has anti-tumor properties; and the combination of CBD and THC is superior to THC on its own in many respects, including offsetting side effects from THC. However, symptoms, treatment side effects, and effects on the psyche are alleviated primarily by THC.

Very high CBD strains and products with higher concentrations of CBD vs THC, such as 20CBD:1THC, will lessen, or even eliminate psychoactive effects. However, standard strains and products with similar levels of CBD and THC, such as 1CBD:1THC, would be more effective at treating pain, nausea, anorexia, insomnia and depression.


I recommend formulations offered by Care By Design. I like that they use the whole plant when making their products, rather than isolating only THC and CBD; offer a variety of ratios; offer all routes of administration, other than combustion; clearly label their products in mgs of THC and CBD per dose; and are relatively easy to find.

If you want pure CBD that can be legally mailed, I recommend Elixinol hemp CBD products. They use organic hemp, CO2 extraction and have a "whole-plant philosophy".

I recommend that your brother set up an appointment with HelloMD New York. Your brother would then gain legal access to medical marijuana, and not just hemp-derived CBD. I wish your brother and your family the best of luck.

Best regards,
Dr. Kim


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