Does cannabis oil heal cancer?

No. There have never been any studies or documentation that any type of cannabis can cure cancer in humans. THere have been suggestions in the laboratory that some types of cannabis can kill some types of cancer cells. This usually takes place in a petri dish with cancer cells in them. There have been suggestions in animals that it may help as well.

There are many many discussions on this subject all over the Internet. If you search "cannabis curing cancer" hundreds of testimonials will appear saying that cannabis "cured" this and that type of cancer in the author, or someone that they know. All of which may or may not have happened.

I tend to look at cannabis in cancer in that it can help the nausea and other side effects that chemotherapy may induce. It can increase appetite in patients who are losing weight. I look at using cannabis for cannabis for cancer in the light of "can it hurt"? The answer, for the most part, is no. It is something that a person should discuss with their physicians. Most oncologists are very familiar with cannabis use in this setting for it’s effects on helping with chemo side effects as I mentioned above.

Perry Solomon, MD

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