Does Flow Kana change strains that offered season to season or are your menus always similar?

"I guess I am asking if you do small batches and alternate what is offered given on what is the best quality at any given time."

All of the farmers that we work with grow small batch, artisan flowers. Many of them are boutique strains that are unique to the Mendocino area. The flowers that we offer are a reflection of the crop that each farmer decides to grow.

Currently, we are in the process of helping our farmers set up an agricultural cannabis co-op in Mendocino County. One of the big benefits of the co-op will be a dramatic uptick in the amount of knowledge, resources and coordination that are shared amongst farmers. As a result, Flow Kana will be able to work with the co-op and all its members to plan further ahead in terms of which farmer should grow which strains based on his or her farms’ specific microclimate, skills and expertise.


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