Does KIVA plan to educate consumers with details that go beyond the very basic THC to CBD ratios per product?

"Current research points to the synergy between specific cannabis strains and particular ailments due to their inherent cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Having these details available would be a tremendous help with personal dosing!"

Great question! Kiva is currently expanding our educational materials to patients in a number of different ways. We are working on an informational booklet detailing the Safe Use Guidelines for Edibles, which will be available as both a print-out at Collectives and in digital form. We are also working with the CCIA (California Cannabis Industry Association) to debut an educational website specifically geared to California patients. It covers everything from the history of cannabis and shopping tips for buying different products to how to safely store cannabis products away from children. For more information on CBD specifically, Kiva has a CBD brochure about our products, growing methods, and benefits of CBD. This can be found at: https://kivaconfections.com/cbd. Also be sure to visit our Instagram page at www.instagram.com/kivaconfections1, where we post useful infographics for patients. Another great patient resource you may want to check out is Cannabis Reports at https://www.cannabisreports.com/cannabis-studies. This particular section breaks down the studies addressing cannabis’ use for 157 different conditions. We hope that these resources help you and yours!


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