The difference between edibles and other forms of cannabis consumption?

"I’ve found a great deal of luck with edibles to achieve a full 8 hours of sleep despite my chronic pain and tendency towards insomnia. We also have a major family history of diabetes and a family member is concerned that edibles are not the best option for me considering my family history. How can explain to her the differences between the different methods of consuming cannabis and why edibles create a longer lasting and more relaxing effect than vaping or topical products? "

Congratulations on finding a cannabis product that brings relief. Before we answer your question, we would like to make a distinction between the product that you consume and mode of administration (MOA), which is the route in which you put the cannabis in your body.
This distinction is important, because it is not necessarily the "edible" – we are assuming the edible has sugar because of the diabetes concern- but the mode of administration, oral, that causes the cannabis to be processed through your liver.
When cannabis goes through your liver it is converted to the type of THC that really works on alleviating your symptoms and helping you sleep.
So, there are numerous, sugar free products that you can consume and most likely get the same effect. Some experimentation may be needed but start by taking the same number of milligrams of sugar-free product as you take of your potentially diabetes inducing (at least according to your concerned relative) edible.
BTW, cannabis is very helpful for diabetes, but not the sugary kind!


That’s wonderful that edibles are helping you manage your pain and insomnia. Cannabis can be consumed via different methods, such as smoking, sub-lingual, topical, and via beverage or edible consumption. Smoking and sub-lingual can help you get pain relief at a faster rate of time because they enter into your blood stream quicker. The effects are shorter and you may need to medicate more often. Sub-lingual are used via tinctures and are absorbed into the blood stream by applying the tincture under the tongue or in the soft tissue in the side your mouth. Visa-vis consumption through edibles and beverages need to be digested and finally processed through the liver. The effects are longer lasting, but patient needs to be careful with dosage amounts. Some patients may experience tachycardia (fast heart pulse) with higher dosages of edibles which often can cause panic attacks. Starting with smalls dosages of edibles is a wise approach to avoid such problems. Start with a small dosage that is right for you or that is recommended by your physician and slowly increase if pain persists. Also, make sure you do not have any where to go for a long while after consuming edibles. Avoid driving and operating any type of machinery. This is another reason by starting with small dosages is a good approach when medicating with edibles.


It is wonderful to hear that you are getting the relief you need by consuming edibles. Edibles typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to have a full effect. It has to work through your digestive system, going through your stomach and then your liver. We recommend that patients enjoy Kiva as a desert so that the cannabis can process naturally with the rest of your digestive functions. Once it has been processed by your liver it turns that Delta 9thc into a delta 11 which can create a more intense and longer lasting effect.
That is why edibles are the preferred method for ailments such as insomnia and pain relief. Smoking and vaping have a much faster onset, almost instantaneous, but the effect also wears off quicker. Some patients may find relief from smoking or vaping and then eating an edible for a more even keel effect. Once the smoke has worn off the edible is kicking in and they won’t have to smoke or vape as often. Edibles do produce more of a bodily heavy effect, while vaping is more of a cerebral effect. When you combine the 2 you may get the best of both worlds. Please remember that there are many different factors to take in account. Every BODY is different, that is why we recommend 5mg as a starting dose until you know how it affects you. Also, the exact that is used can create a different effect. We use a cold water extract, which is one of the oldest. cleanest, and safest methods of extraction for the cannabis. There are no chemicals involved in the process. On a final note, I would recommend our dark chocolate line of products since they have the least amount of sugar. 馃檪
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