Does pure CBD work for pain management?

"Pure CBD for pain management. What are the advantages and disadvantages to pure CBD vapor cartridges for pain management? Is there a brand you recommend? Has anyone tried the pure CBD vap cartridge and your experience? Thanks!"

I have tried pure CBD in crystal form and in a vape. Swiss extracts is my go to brand for pure CBD. It’s great for inflammation and other things. Depending on your pain level, you may want to consider a product that has some thc in it, even if it’s not a lot. Most people will agree that the two together so much more for pain than CBD alone, and the CBD will help to counteract the psychoactive effects from the thc


Many of our customers have reported benefits of CBD and pain management. How you consume the CBD is both a matter of personal preference, and an experiment. Respira is a vapable CBD tincture that we offer that contains 300-600mg of CBD a serving. We don’t want to overwhelm you with the variety of products we offer, but we’re happy to help!


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