Does smoking, vaporizing, and/or ingesting cannabis have a negative impact on my Wilson's Disease?

This is a very interesting question. Right off the bat, I do want to say my experience w/ Wilson’s Disease is limited although I did also try to look at WD boards and do some other online digging. It looks that people have used cannabis in small amounts to help w/ pain issues, movement issues come w/ the abnormal copper metabolism seen in Wilson’s Disease. Some members on the WD board didn’t have favorable reactions to cannabis regardless of method of use. However, we have to balance this with others that said is was useful (usually these pts urged low dose usage of cannabis). There was also an interesting published case study of experimenters using Sativa to help a test subject w/ dystonia/ movement disorders. I would recommend discussing this w/ your regular MD or specialist you’re seeing for the WD. If they are okay with it, I would try with low doses and see how the various methods (i.e. vape-pen, smoking, ingesting) for cann uptake effect you. I hope this helps!


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