hello i am new to this site i am a terrible migraine sufferer and have tired many many things.

"currently i take a daily beta blocker because my doc says it can reduce my headaches even thou i don’t suffer from hi blood pressure. when i have a migraine which is almost daily i take imitrex orally and i also inject. i can’t stand it anymore. what cannabis should i try?"

Hi – you probably will need a daily CBD oil and then THC to use in place of abortives. In the meantime, reduce your triptan use to a few times a month as daily and weekly use can lead to an even worse intractable cycle. Aleve and Benadryl can be used to help with abortive withdrawal.


We started HelloMD because I was a chronic migraine sufferer and cannabis stopped my migraines. Not everyone may receive benefit from cannabis as there are many different kinds of migraines. That said, it is worth a try.

I was able to control my migraines through a change in diet, exercise, vitamin supplements and a daily regime of CBD, which I take every single day without fail.

I wrote this article many months ago and it has been one of our most popular posts. I hope this helps. Please know that it is not a silver bullet and it may take a lot of trial and error to get it right for you, everyone is different.

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only! I hope this helps!



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