How can I find organic cannabis?

It’s very hard to find when compared to traditional cannabis growing.. depending on the area you are in that can be even more true. I found it by clicking on a organic cannabis hashtag on Instagram and finding a dispensary in my area that advertised that they had it from a very reputable grower. That’s what I would try.


This is a good and important question, and especially timely given the new report from Steep Hill labs which brings to light the fact that 84% of cannabis tested had unsafe levels of residual pesticides.

Seeking out chemical free cannabis can be tricky because of the lack of regulation and testing protocols thus far. And because, due to federal regulations, USDA "organic" certification is unavailable to our industry.

The answer is seeking out a trusted source like HerbaBuena. We’re committed to providing cannabis grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, we have a rigid testing policy, cultivate our own sun grown cannabis, and we currently offer the only Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis in California.


Due to the lack of regulations it’s a little trickier than just going down the organic aisle of your local grocery stores. Luckily, we here at Green Door West are 100% organic and vegan!


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