What product is best for severe migraine headache?

According to research, inhalation methods of cannabis are the fastest and most effective treatment for migraine headaches. Edibles, however, not only take a longer time for relief to set in, but also, were more likely to have negative side effects (drowsiness and euphoria, which does not aid the migraine headaches). At Green Door West, we provide a variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strains for our customers to choose! https://greendoorwest.com/


I get frequent headaches but I cannot afford to gain weight!!
Is there a product that will help with the headaches, not put me to sleep and suppress my appetite? Beholden.


I have read a lot about how strains high in CBD help. One called Harlequin and another called AC/DC. I don’t know if they work better as a preventative, but if I use Harlequin regularly, my migraines are less frequent and less severe when they do happen. I have also heard good things about HarleTsu which is another strain that has a little more THC, but also is very high in CBD.


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