How do I do I find a caregiver to discuss medical cannabis for treatment of Crohn's in teens?

I’m not sure exactly what your asking. You can ask any person who is informed about this subject to speak with you. For example, one of our HelloMD physicians Dr. Bluto just gave a very complete answer about Crohn’s just below, which applies for teens as well.

However if your asking about how to obtain cannabis when your under 18, then you must have a parent or caregiver discuss your situation with a physician to obtain it.

Regarding a caregiver, the California Supreme Court held that "the statutory definition has two parts: (1) a primary caregiver must have been designated as such by the medical marijuana patient; and (2) he or she must be a person ‘who has consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health, or safety’ of the patient." To see how this would fit for your individual case I would suggest consulting an attorney.

We at HelloMD do not perform evaluations for people under 18 years of age.

Perry Solomon, MD

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