How does Kiva verify the quality of the plants used in its products. Do you offer organic edibles?

Thank you for this question! At Kiva we care a great deal about quality. All of our extract goes through extensive quality testing both at the certified 3rd party labs that we partner with as well as in our own R&D and Quality lab in-house. We test the raw material prior to medicating our confections, and again after infusion to ensure our finished product meets our high standards. The labs test for cannabinoid content, microbiological screening, potency and terpene analysis, and most importantly any impurities; such as mold, or pesticides that may be present. Very few cannabis manufactures can truly claim certified Organic given the lack of authoritative bodies governing such a certification (like USDA or other Federal bodies for agriculture). This article explains a bit about "Clean Green" certification: https://www.cannabisindustryjournal.com/feature_article/the-organic-certification-of-cannabis/


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