husband only wants to sleep and does not want to eat

"My husband has a diffuse glioma (brain cancer) and wants to sleep all the time and does not want to eat–it is like he has lost his appetite. He is taking .5 grams of THC every 12 hours. I am worried about his lack of appetite and only wanting to sleep–what do you suggest?"

He is taking THC pills? Marinol? 500 milligrams is quite a large dose of THC if taken by itself. Cannabis and THC work much better when taken as a whole plant preparation. If he is taking marinol or synthetic THC (as a mono-drug therapy), I would stop that and I would start with a CBD rich whole plant cannabis extract in a sublingual tincture format, taken every six hours. Use a few drops under the tongue, and wait half an hour, and increase dose to achieve adequate relief. Experiment with different ratios and strains. Vaporization can provide more immediate relief. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal (and yet synthetic THC is available), I would find a CBD whole plant extract (which should be available in every state) and take that along with a lower dose of the synthetic THC.


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