How do I get started with cannabis?

"I am new to medical marijuana, am undergoing "aggressive chemo" for breast cancer and want some help with nausea, pain and sleeping.

This is a great question and a meaty topic. I will leave it to others to comment on your specific situation with chemo, but in short your getting started steps are:

  1. Connect with a doctor and get a recommendation so that you can become a legal medical cannabis user. The doctor will also give you basic advice on products, but usually not too many specifics.

  2. Find a knowledgable resource to assist you in product selection. This might be a medical professional, a ‘bud tender’ who works for a dispensary, or a consultant that has helped people like yourself through similar situations.

  3. Find a trusted retailer that can sell you appropriate medications.

Here is a getting started guide we write for some basic learning: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/cannabis-101-your-quick-guide-to-medical-marijuana

If you have further questions as your proceed, feel free to post them here and people in our community will help you as you go.


In general cannabis products cannot be mailed through USPS, but certainly there are delivery services available that can bring medications to your home.


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