I am 6 months pregnant and have a lot of lower back pain. Can I use this product?

There are a lot more studies coming out about cannabis and pregnancy – though not much in the terms of cannabis topicals yet. I can tell you that most topicals do not enter the bloodstream – whether there is a transference to the child in any way is unknown. This is completely a personal choice. Congratulations and I do hope you find relief for your pain.


With all due respect to Jessie from Strictly Topical, in a paper I’ve just read, there is actually potential for a sizable amount of absorption into the bloodstream. Admittedly, said paper was using a transdermal patch, but even I was surprised to find that THC levels in the bloodstream were almost half that seen in smoking! As for transference to the child, this has definitely been established; cannabinoids can cross the placenta, blood-brain barrier, and also be found in breast milk. Other literature I’m reading also states that there is an abundance of evidence prenatal exposure to cannabis adversely affects neurodevelopment with negative consequences for neuropsychiatric, behavior and executive functions. I would stay away from cannabis products, including topicals and try to use tried/ true measures like heat/ cold pack, yoga, and other methods. I hope this helps!


Cannabis use during pregnancy is a controversial subject. The bottom line is that cannabis is safe for both the mother and the fetus. If there are ANY negative effects, they are miniscule, especially when compared to the effects of some of the commonly prescribed prescription drugs. You may want to read about the "Roots Daughters" in Jamaica, who use cannabis in various forms throughout their pregnancy. Dr. Melanie Dreher has spent a great deal of time with these women and their children and has done further research into the effects of cannabis use during pregnancy. Her conclusions are that cannabis during pregnancy is safe. I also personally know many mothers who have used cannabis during pregnancy and are raising healthy, happy, well adjusted (and often above average) children.


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