can anyone tell me what success you are having with migraine?

"need to know what product and how used. thanks. "

The success I have is with using high quality/potency Indica flowers. For quick relief when your Migraine has already started it may be necessary to use over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, but if you make Cannabis part of your wellness regime it can decrease the frequency of your Migraines. Everybody is different so Migraines can occur for different reasons. Personally, I am sensitive to light and sound so I feel like Indica flowers "dim" the lights a little bit. Also, strains that are high in CBD can relieve the pressure some people experience with migraines (such as the eyes). A doctor of mine once told me that Cannabis can be used as a preemptive measure, and that regularly smoking cannabis can prevent Migraines from reoccuring as frequently.


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