I am a Firefly2 newbie and I cannot get a good draw from it. I do not get the vapor smoke.

In my experience, this is related entirely to how you pack the bowl.

You should grind or cut up the flower (ideally purchase a hand grinder), then pack the bowl loosely, but with enough substance to fill the space. You want the hot air to easily circulate through the flower. Once this is done, give it a good few puffs to get it started and you should be fine from then on.

It does take a little practice to get it right the first time, but once you have the technique down you will taste the flavor of the flower in a way that you cannot using other methods. Its quite a new experience for someone used to smoking, and brings a new dimension to cannabis.


Keep in mind too that the first draw is usually less visible. This is because the terpenes are first to be heated and these oils produce little vape. Sometimes also the humidity plays a role, and by the second draw its completely dry. Pack the bowl full, loose with a course grind.


Good question, especially since Vapes are so relatively new to the community and people are by nature, hesitant and untrustworthy to try new things.
Don’t be ! It is easy, safe, and way more pleasurable than Old School techniques(of which I grew up on since the late 60’s) Think of the draw as when you are trying to light a too tightly packed joint, and you have to draw a bit harder for a bit…like a yoga breathing technique ! It is fun ! and don’t sweat the vapor smoke thing – that’s pretty much a function of temperature , and the illusion of clouds making it better is just that ….and illusion. You ARE getting benefits , clouds or not !


Please check this video we just created to help with vapor production questions. Firefly2 is different than other vaporizers, but different does not mean difficult. Our co-creater, Mark Williams, has some simple tips for you on this video;


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