I have allergies to molds and fungus. What form of cannabis is free of of mold and fungus?

Quality cannabis medications should be tested and labelled to be free of fungus/mold as well as heavy metals, etc. Technically, the laboratories test for specific parts of the fungus, so the label may say the product is negative for "aflatoxin" for instance rather than the word "fungus". Fungus is most dangerous when inhaled, so if you are really concerned about a possible allergic reaction, you may want to lean toward an extracted product for ingestion rather than inhalation.


All cannabis should be free of mold and fungus. If you happen to see any mold on your cannabis then it is always best to throw it away instead of risking your health. Reputable dispensaries usually check their plants for mold and I would encourage you to ask your local bud-tender to see what steps are being taken to ensure the product is safe to consume.


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